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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

PC Miler and Mileage Queries

Hi Everyone,

PC Miler is drastically increasing their prices as of 10/1/2013.  Last year, PC miler was $450 per year for 22,500 mileage queries.

Starting in October, They are upping their rates to $50 per person, per month. So for a 10 user company, it would be 500 per month for PC Miler. We did not agree to this pricing. Please see option #3 for pricing. 

Warning:  If you do nothing, we will switch you to Pro-Miles starting 10/1/13

Correction: PC Miler is now saying that its less than $50 per user per month.  (They won't tell us how much less, but just that its less and you should call PC Miler for pricing) 

Update: We have a client with 20 users that was quoted 3500 a year.
Update:  The client that was quoted 3500, PC Miler came down to 950 per year, When he didn't immediately commit to it,  PC Miler rescinded the offer.
With that in mind, we lined up other options for you.

1) Pro Miles - We made a deal for our clients to get the same deal as before $450 per year
for 22,500 mileage queries.   This will be ready to go by 10/1.
If you have any questions regarding their product, please contact them directly. Here are a couple of links to their website:

2) Rand McNally.  We will have a deal with Rand McNally that is $900 per year.  For those of
you that do business with Wal-Mart or the other large companies that use Rand, this is a really nice option

3) PC Miler -  You can contact your PC Miler salesrep and see what kind of deal you can
negotiate. One new option that we are adding (paradoxically) is a fuller PC Miler
interface, you will be able to get point to point directions, choose which version to query
and some other cool stuff. They will be charging more, but you will get more.

In addition to their charges, we will be charging a $1000 setup fee and $25 per month for the PC Miler Integration

That is the story.  Everyone who currently has PC Miler will need to make a decision about
what they want to do by 10/1/13. 

Please Email and let her know which system you want as soon as you can.

For those of you (most of you) that are paid up until year end, we will credit the balance to whatever you decide to go with. (or apply it to ProMiles if you do nothing.

Tom Heine

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