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Monday, January 26, 2015

Real-Time Tracking with FourKites

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Real-Time Tracking with FourKites

As a freight broker, you spend significant time tracking the location of your freight to eliminate disruptions and meet customer service levels. Systems and processes such as EDI, Email, Phone Calls and Fax are all time consuming, typically outdated and potentially inaccurate leaving you with no system to make proactive business decisions. FourKites simplifies this process. FourKites is the first and only platform that has data sharing partnerships with all the major telematics (GPS) manufacturers in the country.

Now with a one-time authorization from your carriers you have continuous real-time information about your freight at your fingertips. FourKites is seamlessly integrated with Aljex to provide you with an always-available cost-effective real-time tracking solution.  FourKites provides not only the location information but also updates Aljex with Dispatch, Arrived at Pickup, Loaded, Arrived at Delivery and Delivered statuses.

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